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Foodily to give food lovers instant access to in-depth nutrition for recipes across the web

» Enabling healthy recipe choices and sharing with family & friends
» Partnership with Healthline to increase access to healthy recipes
» Dr. John W. Farquhar, Stanford Prevention Research Center founder, serves as advisor

For Foodily:
Laura Goldberg, LBG Public Relations

For Healthline Networks:
Jennifer Conway, Dotted Line Communications


SAN MATEO, CA (May 4, 2011) – Foodily (www.foodily.com), the social recipe network that lets you compare recipes from across the web and share favorites via Facebook, has introduced the first reliable place for health-conscious “foodies” to get accurate nutrition details on recipes. Now on Foodily, people can search by keywords such as “low-fat” and “high-fiber,” compare content beyond calorie count to look at everything from sugar to saturated fat, and browse healthy eating search results influenced by their friends. People can also benefit from checking out recipes shared by friends and family with similar food concerns, whether they are simply trying to stay healthy, lose weight or deal with dietary restrictions due to allergies or conditions such as high cholesterol and diabetes.

“With America’s weight concerns and the rise in food allergies, people are looking for a dependable way to quickly find recipes that meet their dietary needs,” said Andrea Cutright, CEO of Foodily. “Many websites have inaccurate nutrition information or just caloric data for recipe choices – a very limited scope of search when it comes to one of the most important factors in health today: what we eat.”

Foodily’s proprietary nutrition search feature fully integrates USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) standards, weights and measurements. Nutritional content addressed will include:

➢ Average Calories Per Gram
➢ Saturated Fat
➢ Unsaturated Fat
➢ Carbohydrates
➢ Sugar
➢ Protein
➢ Cholesterol
➢ Sodium
➢ Dietary Fiber

Calculated from the moment that a user hits “search” for either an ingredient, dish or nutritional criteria such as “low-sodim” or “high-protein,” Foodily presents an easy visual color cue to let a user know if a recipe has a high or low amount of key nutritional elements. Unlike other food search and recipe sites, Foodily’s nutritional results are instantly tabulated based on USDA data rather than basic tagging or other subjective methods.

Cutright also emphasized how Foodily’s social networking focus enhances the nutrition feature’s benefits: “Staying on track can be difficult at times, but research* has shown social support to have a positive effect on diet changes. What people want most is to find recipes that fit their diet needs and share them with friends to support their health goals. It’s all so simple now, with Foodily showcasing your friends’ favorite healthy recipes right on the homepage. We want to help entire circles of friends and family to be there for each other to promote healthy eating.”

Foodily has also partnered with the leading health website Healthline (www.healthline.com) to make access to health-minded recipes easier than ever. Starting today, Foodily will power recipe search on the Healthline.com site, so that consumers seeking diet-specific information have access to data-rich recipes.

“Healthline.com is a premier destination for health information seekers who want to learn about a variety of health concerns, in particular how they can manage living with a condition, or lifestyle changes to improve their health,” said Bill McGee, senior vice president of marketing at Healthline. “With Foodily, we can now offer our audience a powerful recipe search product that will help them identify recipes that are most appropriate to their condition or lifestyle. Foodily’s new nutritional search feature is a powerful tool for obtaining accurate nutritional information on recipes across the web, and furthers our goal of connecting consumers to better health.”

“We hope to continue to develop relationships with respected partners like Healthline to support consumers whenever and wherever they want control over their selection of recipes,” added Cutright.

In the development of the nutrition feature, Foodily tapped into insights and expertise from Dr. John W. Farquhar, Professor of Medicine and Health Research and Policy, Founder and Senior Faculty Member of the Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC), and the first holder of the C. F. Rehnborg Professorship in Disease Prevention in the Stanford University School of Medicine. In addition to serving as a medical advisor for Foodily, he will be writing regular blog posts for the site, addressing the deep connections between good health and good nutrition.

“Research has undoubtedly linked health and disease prevention to a person’s diet, but science advances quickly, and rarely reaches the public in an effective and actionable manner,” said Dr. Farquhar. “I am excited by Foodily’s vision to combine online recipe search – which tens of millions of people do everyday – with the latest information on nutrition and diet to let consumers make better food decisions that can lead to better health.”

About Foodily:
Foodily empowers people to make fully informed decisions about the foods they eat. Through its comprehensive recipe network, influenced by friends, people can find and share the food they love online. Based in San Mateo, CA, Foodily is driven by a team of seasoned, food-passionate search, linguistic and consumer product experts. The company is backed by leading venture capital firm Index Ventures. Visit www.foodily.com and get cooking!

About Healthline:
Healthline Networks is the fastest growing provider of intelligent health information services, enabling 100 million consumers a month to make more confident, informed healthcare decisions. The company’s proprietary consumer healthcare taxonomy, the largest of its kind, powers a suite of intelligent health search, content and advertising services. Combining advanced search technology with deep medical expertise, Healthline partners with a network more than 50 trusted destination sites that include publishers, portals, search engines, employers and health plans. Headquartered in San Francisco and ranked #54 in Deloitte’s 2010 Technology Fast 500, Healthline is backed by Aetna, GE/NBC Peacock Fund, Investor Growth Capital, Kaiser Permanente, Reed Elsevier, U.S. News & World Report, and VantagePoint Venture Partners. For more information, visit http://www.healthline.com.

*(Sources: “Role of social support in lifestyle-focused weight management interventions,” European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 59(S1): S179–S186, Verheijden MW, et al. – 2005 / “Treatment of obesity,” Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 82(1): 93-102, Thompson WG, et al. – 2007)