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Press releases

“Foodily launches “Food with Friends” to make online culinary conversations drool-worthy”
Nov 15, 2012 View press release
“Foodily Announces Two Webby Award Nominations”
Apr 10, 2012 View press release
“Foodily Announces Tastemaker Team Featuring Celebrities, Renowned Chefs and Healthy Living Experts”
Mar 15, 2012 View press release
“Now In Facebook Timeline, Foodily Shows Friends The Food Their Friends Want To Eat”
Jan 18, 2012 View press release
“Foodily For iPhone Puts Recipes From Friends In Your Pocket & Lets You Share Photos Of Food You Love”
Nov 10, 2011 View press release
“Foodily Announces Enhanced Facebook® Integration to Make Recipe Sharing More Social”
Sept 22, 2011 View press release
“Foodily to give food lovers instant access to in-depth nutrition for recipes across the web”
May 16, 2011 View press release
“Foodily launches the first recipe network to reveal what your friends are cooking”
Feb 2, 2011 View press release

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“Foodily Updated To Make Recipe-Sharing Even Easier”
June 13, 2013 AppAdvice
“Our Favorite Cooking Apps”
June 6, 2013 Huffington Post
“The Best Recipe Apps”
May 8, 2013 All Parenting
“Foodies, welcome to your digital recipe box of awesomeness.”
May 6, 2013 Cool Mom Picks
“Now You Can Share Your Own Recipes With Other Foodies With Foodily Originals”
April 21, 2013 AppPicker
“Food with Friends is a food-lover’s dream-come-true”
April 13, 2013 AppPicker
“15 Appetizing Apps for People Who Love to Cook and Eat”
April 12, 2013 Xconomy
“Visually seductive…a Facebook for foodies”
April, 2013 The Good Web Guide
“Apps of Week”
March 31, 2013 The Tennessean
“Apps of week: music, Mother’s Day and gadgets”
March 24, 2013 Arizona Daily Star
“Beyond the Big Three: New Social Networks for Publishers”
Feb 25, 2013 Folio
“A guide to an Internet-infused Super Bowl: puppies, commercials, cocktails, & apps”
Feb 1, 2013 Venture Beat
“50 top websites for food and drink”
Jan 29, 2013 The Times
“The Best Apps For Your Kitchen”
Jan 23, 2013 CBS Miami
“We’re on Foodily! 5 Things You Need to Know”
Jan 9, 2013 SELF
“Yum! 10 Holiday-Worthy Recipes”
Dec. 21, 2012 People
“This Thanksgiving, Try Phoning It In”
Nov. 20, 2012 Wired
“Foodily launches “Food with Friends” to make online culinary conversations drool-worthy”
Nov. 15, 2012 VentureBeat
“What Motivates Mompreneurs?”
Nov. 15, 2012 Grasshopper
“As Recipe Sharing On Pinterest Explodes, Foodily Revamps To Focus On Social”
Nov. 15, 2012 TechCrunch
“Foodies, meet Foodily”
Sept. 18, 2012 The Washington Times
“Felicity Huffman recommends Foodily”
Sept. 18, 2012 What the Flicka?
“’Fifty Shades of Grey’ inspires cooking classes and food porn ”
Sept. 14, 2012 NY Daily News
“Best Cooking Apps: How to become a mobile masterchef”
“CEO Andrea Cutright on how blending recipes & social media helps at meal time”
Aug 3, 2012 Fox News
“Lulu Powers Celebrated National Watermelon Day”
Aug 3, 2012 Access Hollywood
“Top Drinks for Summer”
“Foodily’s New iOS Method, Now With Friends’ Inspiring ideas.”
“Take A Big Bite Out Of Foodily Recipes’ Freshest Update.”
July 22, 2012 AppFavour
“12 Female Founders Cooking Up Innovative Food-Related Startups”
July 13, 2012 Forbes
“Online recipe network Foodily’s iOS app now includes friends’ recommendations and lists feature”
July 12, 2012 The Next Web
“Hillary Mickell, Chief Tastemaker of Foodily joined Hosea Sanders on a shopping trip at the Farmer’s Market”
July 5, 2012 ABC7 News
“Celebrate July 4 with the Most-Shared Recipes on Facebook”
July 3, 2012 People Magazine
“15 Most Shared Recipes For July 4th!”
July 2, 2012 FitPerez
“8 Recipes For A Romantic Fourth of July Cookout”
July 2, 2012 Your Tango
“Get patriotic for fourth of July. Create your own inspirational food menu.”
July 2, 2012 Examiner.com
“Facebook Apps Provide Best Of Fourth Of July Lists”
June 29, 2012 All Facebook
“Midday fix – Skinny Berry Trifle”
June 21, 2012 WGN TV Chicago
“Popular food site rises amid universal language”
June 6, 2012 The Sacramento Bee
“…the startup is clearly having a great year.”
May 22, 2012 The Next Web
“Foodily’s 5-Word Speech at the 16th Annual Webby Awards (video)”
May 21, 2012 The Webby Awards
“100 Tasty Food Apps, Sites and Startups”
May 21, 2012 DailyTekk
“Foodily Shares Tasty Tips For Kale”
May 18, 2012 KCRA3 Sacramento
“Fresh Produce Done Easy”
May 16, 2012 Denver 9News
“Celebrity Chefs Dish on Mother’s Day”
May 7, 2012 Huffington Post
“Foodily is slick and easy to navigate”
May 4, 2012 The Packer
“Webby Awards names new upstart best food and beverage website”
May 2, 2012 Webby Awards
“Share recipes with your friends”
May 1, 2012 Cat Cora
“Perfect salad recipes for spring shared through Foodily (video)”
April 18, 2012 ABC 7Live
“…a mobile Twitter-like feed for foodies”
Jan 19, 2012 CNET
“Facebook adds over 60 new apps with auto-share”
Jan 19, 2012 Washington Post
“Foodily can publish to a user’s Facebook profile when she updates her digital diary of meals.”
Jan 18, 2012 CNN
“You may see in the ticker that one of your friends is cooking something interesting from a recipe in Foodily”
Jan 18, 2012 PCWorld
“Foodily…clocked more than 100,000 downloads within 10 days of launching its iPhone app this fall.”
Dec 23, 2011 LA Times
“A very virtual Thanksgiving”
Nov 24, 2011 GigaOm
“Foodies out there should check out Foodily, an award-winning daily recipe app”
Nov 14, 2011 Appolicious
“The Foodily app for iPhone has that same addictive quality as Pinterest”
Nov 14, 2011 appSafari
“It’s something tech savvy cooks might find extremely beneficial, me included”
“Foodily goes mobile with a yummy new iPhone app”
Nov 10, 2011 GigaOm
“Recipe Search & Sharing Service Foodily Arrives On iPhone”
Nov 10, 2011 TechCrunch
“5 things you need to know about the new Facebook”
Sept 22, 2011 CNET
“The Foodily Facebook app offers more refined and friend-approved recipes than plugging in search terms in Google.”
Aug 30, 2011 VentureBeat
“Foodily gives cooking enthusiasts a streamlined feed for recipe sharing on Facebook”
Aug 30, 2011 Mashable
“Foodily Brings Recipe Sharing & Cooking Tips to Facebook”
Aug 30, 2011 lifehacker
“Foodily Finds the Right Recipe for Your Diet or Picky Taste”
May 18, 2011 lifehacker
“There’s finally a reason to “friend” your mother.”
May 17, 2011 Chicago Tribune
“…they were aiming to create the Google of food, and it looks like they just got another step closer….”
May 16, 2011 Mashable
“…easy Facebook integration and brilliant recipe searching interface…”
Mar 25, 2011 Make Use Of
“To put it bluntly, this is a game changer…”
Feb 22, 2011 Netted
“Google? Yahoo? Bing? I have a feeling you might not be invited to dinner as often.”
Feb 21, 2011 Cafemom
“The Facebook of Food?”
Feb 16, 2011 Huffington Post
“… eBay if you want to buy a used motorcycle, Foodily if you want to find recipes, and Craigslist if you are looking for an apartment…”
Feb 16, 2011 Seeking Alpha
“How Startup Foodily Aims To Change Superbowl Sunday Forever (video)”
“Food lovers are salivating over the launch of Foodily ”
Feb 3, 2011 The Week
“Foodies can be friends on new Foodily site”
Feb2, 2011 ABC News
“…make planning for parties and dinners easier.”
Feb 2, 2011 USA Today
“…Results appear like recipe cards on a sliding horizontal platform.”
Feb 2, 2011 Slashfood
“Spark of Genius”
Feb 2, 2011 Mashable
“….probably the best recipe search engine I’ve seen…”
Feb 2, 2011 NBC News
“The days of clipping recipes from magazines are in the past”
Feb 2, 2011 LA TImes