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Posted on 23rd Aug, 2013by Andrea Cutright

Fix Foodily lists – Done!

When Is A Fave A Fave
We’ve been blown away by the fun, compelling and beautiful ways so many people are using Foodily – but one thing we couldn’t help notice is that over 85% of faves are being added to lists like these:

>Finger Food
>Vegetarian Delights
>Lunch Worthy Wraps and Sannies

Foodily people are organized people!

Starting today and going forward we’ll be gradually revealing a series of changes that help make it even easier to collect recipes onto lists that you create, and give you more control over organizing the recipes you like. You’ll notice a few changes we recently introduced:

What’s new?
Quickly view all lists: Scroll over the FAVE button on any recipe and you’ll immediately get a display of your lists. Add that recipe to any [and every] list you create by checking the box, or by creating a new one.
Easier to delete recipes: Want to delete a recipe from a list? Simply scroll over the Fave button and uncheck the box of the list that recipe is in to remove it.
All your recipes in multiple views: Your profile still has all your recipes – including those in lists – and rather than a separate tab, you can toggle between your lists and your faves with one click.

What happens to your Faves in this transition?
They’re saved. We’ve included them in a list titled “My Saved Faves” which you’ll see in your profile. Just like any list, the recipes there are yours to control, rename, and edit. And, if you have more recipes than you can quickly browse through, you can quickly use the search bar to scan your entire collection of recipes.

In addition to the changes you can see, we also made some improvements behind the scenes that we hope will make things faster. We’re excited to hear what you think about this update. Feel free to leave us feedback here or in the comments below.

By the way, we previewed this update with a small group of people over the last few weeks and really appreciate the positive and constructive input. If you’re interested in being one of the first to see new features, email us at help@foodily.com.


Food, we love you.

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Posted on 25th Feb, 2014by Hillary Mickell

Wolfgang Puck Oscar Giveaway!

Wolfgang Puck Oscar Giveaway!

The 86th Academy Awards will be Wolfgang’s 20th year catering the Governors Ball! That’s 20 years of amazing meals being served to Hollywood’s best.

On March 2, Wolfgang Puck and the Wolfgang Puck Catering team will be in Hollywood, cooking for 1500 guests at the Governors Ball. You can serve the same dishes the stars will be eating or try bites inspired by this year’s menu at your own viewing party: pick your favorites from this list.

Win a copy of the most recent cookbook, Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy.
Having a viewing party? What’s the theme…Hollywood glam or Jersey power brokers a la American Hustle? To enter, simply post recipe link from Foodily on Foodily’s Facebook page, or tweet us with the hashtag #MyOscarParty.

Haven’t ever added your own recipe to Foodily? Now’s the time – login to Foodily, and hover over your Recipes tab. Click “Add a new recipe” and go through the quick step by step process. Fill in the fields as you can see in the example below. Then share away!

Share to Win!
Each recipe you share is another chance to win an autographed copy of Wolfgang’s new cookbook. 3 winners will be selected Friday, February 28th so start sharing!

Food, we love you.

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Posted on 14th Feb, 2014by Hillary Mickell

Breakfast Valentine’s

Valentine's Breakfast

Food, we love you.

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Posted on 11th Feb, 2014by Hillary Mickell

Valentine’s Treats

Valentine's Treats

Whether you celebrate the actual holiday or not, you can’t help but smile with all these creative valentine treats. Bring them to the office or make them for your kids. Everyone’s happy!

And by all means, if you’ve come up with your own Valentine’s treats, we want to see them. Share them with us using Foodily Originals.

Crispy Chocolate Hearts by Southern Living

Strawberry Rice Krispie Treats by My Baking Addiction

Heart Shaped Pie Pops by Eclectic Recipes

Brownie Heart Cupcakes by Martha Stewart

Food, we love you.