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Foodily Loves Fancy Food…West 2014

Posted on 28th Jan, 2014 by binay
Foodily Loves Fancy Food

I love to cook. I cook all the time. But when it comes to snacks, I’m all about finding the best healthy snacks I can actually *buy* – not make!! There’s lots out there, but when faced with picky eaters, most sadly end up as snacks for me, or in the compost bin.

Enter Fancy Food Show

Food, food, glorious food. In bundles and packages all over the place. Walking through the isles of Fancy Food was seriously heaven on earth for this Foodily consultant and mom. But, I wasn’t going to let the sweets get the best of me, oh no sur-eee! My mantra walking through the halls was: “Think of the cleanse, think of the cleanse.” So, I set out to find a few fabulous foods to share with our loyal Foodily fans – and my loyal family. With 2 kids, ages 6 & 9, there’s nothing worse than preparing an amazing meal and having them decline it. So, when I set out to go Gluten Free this year (we’re only 2 weeks in – check out my list, Kids Going Paleo (shhh…they don’t know it!), I was psyched to be able to find all sorts of options at the Fancy Food Show.

When I got home, I laid out all of the options at home for the kids. They could pick out whatever they wanted. The biggest surprise was that my daughter (9) took Egg White Chips to school and all the kids ate them up. She said it was surprisingly tasty and that her friends all enjoyed them. They especially liked the crispiness of the chips.

The most delicious and nutrititious award goes to Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips (pictured above). Think of it like seaweed sheets meets a Frito, but healthier. The Sea Salt flavor was a big hit and my son devoured them while at the beach. When I’m not at the beach, this amazing Edamame Hummus would be an excellent way to get some more green in (does Edamame count for greens?).

The failure went to a lovely Flax Seed Muffin that *I* thought tasted delicious and loved the ingredients. Kids wouldn’t take ‘em down. I guess I’ll continue to make my own; here’s my favorite recipe at Foodily that all of the family enjoys.

Don’t think I left the show unharmed. At the last minute, I couldn’t resist bringing home some adorable Rice Crispy Treat Bars; they were too beautiful to bypass. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, they were shaped like hearts and had pink sprinkles. Come on, I am human. Hey, they’re Gluten Free too…

Food, we love you.

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