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Foodily Originals

Posted on 20th May, 2013 by Hillary Mickell
Foodily Originals
Meet Foodily Originals

Foodily Originals is the fast, beautiful and fun way to share your own recipes with friends and family.

Recipe Sharing Reinvented
All those family recipes and go-to dinners that you’d love have online can be easily added with our simple step by step experience. We’ll make sure all the bits fall into the right places (ingredients, instructions, measures etc). You get a beautiful, original recipe that sits side by side with your friends recipes and all your faves from across the web.

Cut and Paste. You don’t have to re-enter your digital recipes. Simply cut and paste into Foodily Originals. If you’re on an iPhone, you can use Ingredient Auto-complete which recognizes ingredients as you enter your recipe. Simply tap them as they pop up to add them to your recipe.

Your Own Photos. Add step by step photos of your recipe and the final product by simply clicking on the camera icon.

Share Them. With one click, you can share your recipes on Twitter, post them to Foodily and Facebook and email them to friends. Don’t make your friends ask again – share that recipe they keep asking you for!

Talk to the Phone. Don’t feel like typing? Use voice to enter each step – yup, you really can just speak to your iPhone to add your recipe to Foodily. Download Foodily Originals for the iPhone

Getting Started. From your Foodily toolbar on Foodily.com, hover over the Recipes tab, and click on Originals. Then click on the Add A New Recipe button and you’re ready to go. If you’re on your iPhone, click the red + to add recipes.

Have any questions or comments, email us at help@foodily.com

What are your favorite original recipes? We’d love to see them! Post them on Foodily Originals and share them with us.

Food, we love you.

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