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3rd Annual Foodily Guacamole Challenge

Posted on 29th Apr, 2013 by Hillary Mickell
3rd Annual Foodily Guacamole Challenge

A lot has happened since we had our first challenge in 2011. The team has grown, we’ve moved our office to San Francisco, launched our iPhone app, and most recently launched Foodily Originals. That means that in addition to the recipes we’ve found on Foodily from Wolfgang Puck et al, we want to test yours! Use the new Add Recipe feature on our iPhone app and add your spin on guacamole. Share it with us on Facebook, tweet it or post it on the blog.

As always, we’ve asked the team to pick a guacamole recipe, make it at home and bring it in for an afternoon Cinco de Mayo taste test. We’ll head up to the deck (okay….now it’s a loading dock) Friday afternoon to try them all out. Check back later to see the results of our first Foodily taste test.

Here are the entrants:

#1 Lime Guacamole by Cook Taste Eat
Prepared by Eric

#2 Grilled Guacamole by The Kitchn
Prepared by Sami

#3 Socali Guacamole And Home-baked Chips by Candice Kumai
Prepared by Dipenra

#4 Mimi’s Real Tex Mex Guacamole by The Naptime Chef
Prepared by Jisha

#5 California Guacamole by Wolfgang Puck
Prepared by Dan

Food, we love you.

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