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Spilt Milk: Stan Frazier

Posted on 28th Feb, 2013 by Hillary Mickell
Spilt Milk: Stan Frazier
Welcome to Spilt Milk! Food is the most social thing we do. It also reveals much about our true character. We were inspired by the questionnaire made famous by Marcel Proust, the French essayist and novelist, and decided to create a set of questions we call Spilt Milk. We hope you enjoy this ongoing series on our blog.

Stan Frazier is a producer and drummer for rock band SUGAR RAY turned reigning champion of food-based reality tv show CHEF RACE. Follow him on Foodily here.

How do you take your morning coffee? 

I have an Americano every day. Half & half with one Truvia.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
 (food related please!)

Too many to mention but pizza and choc chip cookies are my weakness.

What’s your perfect meal?

Meals in Italy

What’s your worst kitchen disaster?

Botching a batch of meatloaf for a big dinner party.

What’s the cooking skill you lack?

Formal training!

Your favorite kitchen gadget?

Microplane grater or food processor

You wouldn’t be caught dead eating. . .

Rye bread

Most memorable meal?

Dinner at a farmhouse in Modena while on tour with Sugar Ray

What’s your favorite spice?

Sea salt

Midnight snack of choice?

Popcorn, ice cream

What’s your food Mantra?
I care a lot about the food I make you! ☺

Photo by Kim Miller

Food, we love you.

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