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Top 5: Drinks Real Men Don’t Order

Posted on 13th Aug, 2012 by Hillary Mickell
Top 5: Drinks Real Men Don't Order

According to askmen.com, there’s a prescribed list of cocktails no self respecting man would drink. Many fall into the classic girls night out, or bachelorette cocktails.

1. Fuzzy Navel
2. Non-Martini “Tini” An example might be this Celery Lavender Martini by No Recipes
3. Sex On The Beach
4. Appletini. Sweet and simple by Rachael Ray.
5. Cosmopolitan. With so many to choose from, surely one is manly!

So what, you might ask are the manliest cocktails– the drinks men can proudly sport at any neighborhood bar? We asked Foodily Tastemaker Food Republic for their recommendations:

1. The Mancini
2. The Pimms Royale
3. The Negrummi
4. Vieux Carre
5. Blackberry Bramble

Food, we love you.

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Comments (2)

  1. 14th Aug 2012

    Excellent, might i suggest long island ice tea as one of the more manlier kind…. :-)

  2. 17th Aug 2012
    by katie

    Great picture! What is the name of the big blue drink? It looks very tasty.

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