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Watermelon Diet 2.0

Posted on 2nd Aug, 2012 by Hillary Mickell
Watermelon Diet 2.0
August 3rd is Watermelon Day. The perfect time to introduce our new, soon to be famous Watermelon Diet.

Those 3 words probably make you think of that fad diet that went something like this:
1. buy huge amounts of watermelon
2. cut/chop
3. eat non-stop

After all, there’s only 8 calories per ounce of watermelon and all the water content and fiber of watermelon keep you feeling full, hydrated and, hopefully handle your sweet tooth.

Here’s our reinvention of the watermelon diet: Combine watermelon with every food group possible. Its fresh, cookable, grillable, freezable. We could go on but it’s also good for you:

→ add grains for more fiber

→ add low-fat cheese for protein


grilled fish + watermelon

liquid watermelon is better than any soda


→ mix with vegetables

We could go on but it’ll be fun for you to start exploring this great new diet.

*weight loss not guaranteed :)

First image is of Lulu’s Watermelon Refresher

Food, we love you.

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