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Throw a Pop-Tail Party!

Posted on 2nd Aug, 2012 by Andrea Cutright
Throw a Pop-Tail Party!

Jello shots are so undergrad. The best way to enjoy cocktail hour on a warm day is with an adult popsicle.

Normally, a bottle of gin or vodka in your freezer doesn’t freeze, so getting just the right consistency on a popsicle that includes alcohol isn’t easy. These popsicles are then low in alcohol and to get them to work, you need an ideal mix of alcohol with juice and syrups. And, you’ll want the mixture to taste slightly sweeter in liquid form than it does when it’s frozen.

These popsicles do take a bit longer than your average pop to freeze – plan on 4 – 8 hours. Later, when you try to prise the popsicle from its container, give it a run under some hot water and it’ll come out of its container cleanly.

Here’s who’s doing cocktail popsicles the right way.

Bakers Royale
Food Republic
Fine Cooking

Food, we love you.

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