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Introducing. . . “I Made It!”

Posted on 20th Apr, 2012 by Andrea Cutright

Yesterday we launched our new design for Foodily after we heard great suggestions from people out there using the product every day. Two of the most requested features were to have the ability to easily see more of the recipes recommended by the people you follow, and to keep track of the recipes you’ve made.

Now, you can do just that!

On your faves page, every recipe now has a button to say you made a recipe. Click it, and, if you’re a Facebook Connect user, the recipe will be added to a Made Recipes box on your Facebook Timeline.

Next, you can select if you recommend a recipe or not. You can also write a review to help out your friends when they go to make that recipe, and keep track of your own comments.

If you use the Foodily for iPhone app, you can keep track of what you made there. Every recipe you’ve faved now has a “Made It” indicator at the top. So now, you can make, recommend, and add comments from any recipe on the phone.

What’s great is that your friends can see all the recipes you recommend – or you can visit a Tastemaker’s profile and see the recipes they’ve made and recommend. Don’t you want to know when Cristina Ferrare or Cat Cora recommends a recipe?

Like many new features, we consider this new feature a work-in-progress. There are other things that we’re still working to improve. For instance, we haven’t yet figured out if we should feature “I Made It” recipes differently in the feed. If you have any ideas or opinions on this – please share them with us. Tell us how you want your friends to see the recipes you’ve made. And of course, always feel free to write us with thoughts on other features, too.

Enjoy our new improvements!

Food, we love you.

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