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Spilt Milk: Megyn Price

Posted on 22nd Dec, 2011 by Hillary Mickell
Spilt Milk: Megyn Price
Welcome to Spilt Milk! Food is the most social thing we do. It also reveals much about our true character. We were inspired by the questionnaire made famous by Marcel Proust, the French essayist and novelist, and decided to create a set of questions we call Spilt Milk. We hope you enjoy this ongoing series on our blog.

Over 200 TV episodes, a handful of movies, a vegetarian conviction, and a lot of cooking with her daughter makes Megyn Price pretty fun to follow.

How do you take your morning coffee?
I just got a killer new espresso machine from Jura, so I’ve been experimenting. For now, it’s a cappuccino, mixed with an extra espresso shot and a cube of sugar. Delish!

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Caramel-covered marshmallows.

What’s your perfect meal?
Summer Basil & Heirloom Tomato platter, drizzled with fresh, green olive oil, homemade, warm, crusty baguettes & a chunk of fresh, soft sheep’s milk cheese. Oh, and it should be eaten on the grass, with the love of your life, under a grove of olive trees in the South of France!

What’s your worst kitchen disaster?
My sister, Susie, taught me how to bake when I was a pre-teen. My first job was to melt chocolate chips in the microwave. I put them into a plastic measuring cup & promptly mis-programmed the microwave to 100 minutes, instead of 1 minute. I walked away and returned to the horrific smell of burning chocolate and flaming plastic!!! To this day, I’ve never owned my own microwave.

What’s the cooking skill you lack?
Making custard is always a crapshoot for me. Sometimes it curdles, sometimes it doesn’t . . . and I can never predict what’s going to happen!

Your favorite kitchen gadget?
So, so many . . . currently I’m in love with my Hurom juice presser. It makes the cleanest, least chalky, delicious juice — the pulp is literally DRY, it extracts so much liquid. Also, during the holidays, I could not live without my little, various-sized ice cream scoopers. They measure out truffles, candy & cookie dough so uniformly — they make my treats look crazy pro.

You wouldn’t be caught dead eating. . .
McDonald’s. Ever since I was a little kid, the smell of it has always made me sick.

Most memorable meal?
My husband and I had a twelve course, chef’s choice meal at a restaurant in Bangkok called Basil. We still have no idea WHAT we ate, but, halfway through the meal, we were both wishing that, like cows, we had multiple stomachs. We ate there years ago, and we’re STILL talking about that incredible meal.

What’s your favorite spice?
I’m pretty in love with Garam Masala at the moment. It adds such a warm, cozy element to winter squashes, sweet potatoes and veggie sautes.

Midnight snack of choice?

Always, always, always popcorn with nutritional yeast and truffle salt. I pop it on the stove with olive oil in my Whirly Pop. Heaven. I eat it WAY too often.

What’s your food Mantra?
NO CHEATING. I hate it when I go into a restaurant, and the chef loads up what-could-be a simple dish with a pound of butter & cream. That’s cheating, in my book. If you start with delicious, fresh ingredients, you shouldn’t have to resort to cheap tricks to dress the dish up.


Photo by Kim Miller

Food, we love you.

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