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Holiday Tips From LuLu Powers

Posted on 15th Dec, 2011 by Hillary Mickell
Lulu's Kir Royal

LuLu’s 5 favorite holiday tips.

Be prepared – make lists! (But you knew this was coming!) Stock up; buy things when you see them. The further in advance you can make your menu the better. This way when those imported candied violets go on special, you can snap them up. Budget both your time and your money by thinking ahead.

Have a “house” cocktail for the holidays. Keep all the ingredients on hand. My favorite drink to serve during the holidays is a Kir Royale. I like to use Chambord with my Kir Royales. You can’t go wrong with Cristalino, less than $10 a bottle. I like it better then Veuve Clicquot. Check out the recipe for my Frost Bite Spritz on my website, a new cocktail I just came up with that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love serving cocktails with a stainless steel straw. They look great and add an elegant touch. You can purchase them on my OpenSky store

Spray paint! Get gold and silver spray paint, some newspapers and head to the garage and spray pumpkins, gourdes, pomegranates… even pears! These are great to use on your holiday table for place cards, on your buffet or nestled in the centerpiece for a little gilded spice. Even making a slit in one and putting in a card “Happy Holidays! We are so glad you could come, Enjoy!”

Use candy creatively. Use ribbon candy as a stand for your menu card or notes to i.d. the dessert buffet choices. Is there anything more festive than ribbon candy? I don’t think so. Its whimsical shape makes me smile and is perfect to tuck a handwritten card in between the folds. They shimmer in candlelight and the colors are like little jewels strewn across the table.

Frozen fruit. Keep frozen grapes and cranberries in your freezer to add a quick and thoughtful touch to a cocktail or sparkling water. The shapes add dimension, color and something to chew on when that delicious libation is swirling over your tongue. And you r guests will say, “You think of everything!” Intoxicating!

Food, we love you.

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