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Juls for your Table

Posted on 29th Nov, 2011 by Mariana Abdala

In every Tuscan girl there is a deep appreciation for the foods, textures, and flavors of their homeland. Juls is immensely proud of her Tuscan roots. Her blog is the place where she pours her joy of cooking for others to enjoy.

Juls’ dishes are not only distinct from the typical Italian recipes typically found on other food sites and blogs, but they also teach us more about the blending of flavors and ingredients that are unique to Tuscany and characteristic of the region’s foods.

If you’re planning menu items for the upcoming holiday month, browse the recipes on Juls’ Kitchen. Here are some of our favorite Harvest-colored picks.

Grandma Menna’s Grape Schiacciata

Chestnut Flour and Chocolate Drops Biscotti

Sweet Potato and Beetroot
Baked Sweet Potato and Beetroot

Top recipe: Mafalde with Roasted Tomatoes

All featured photos are shot and copyright protected by Juls Scarpaleggia.

Food, we love you.

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