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From the F8 Developer Conference: Read. Watch. Listen… and *Crave*

Posted on 22nd Sep, 2011 by Andrea Cutright
Read. Watch. Listen... and *Crave*

When we launched Foodily, our goal was to find seamless ways to bring our friends and family into the kitchen with us — virtually — to make cooking more enjoyable and memorable. Cooking and eating are some of the most social things we do and what you eat is a pretty distinguishing personal characteristic, on par with what kind of music you like or what you wear.

Today, at the f8 Developer Conference, Foodily announced it is among the first social apps to make it possible to share the food you love on your Facebook profile. Every day millions of people connect with their friends and share what they’re craving, making, eating, and (occasionally) regretting – all things that go so far beyond “liking.” Today, Foodily and Facebook makes it even easier to express what you think about food, discover more about friends tastes, and share favorites with friends.

How does it work?

Clicking to add the app makes it possible to see which friends from Facebook are on Foodily and ready to share recipes with you.

Once you’ve connected, whenever you search, save, make, recommend or create recipe Lists on Foodily, this activity will be shared with your Facebook friends.

The recipes you save and recommend will be added on your Facebook timeline – complete with photos and links to recipes – so your friends can try them too.

Recommended profiles to follow appear in the Foodily app and the follow button adds their recipes to your feed.

Why is this useful?

The people we trust are our go-to source of information and recommendations. More and more often (and in greater numbers) we are using Facebook as the place to collect that information. This new app makes it possible to see what recipes friends are saving, cooking and recommending and makes sure those good words and good tastes don’t disappear in the stream but can be visited and re-visited on Facebook. Any recipe is more fun with friends – and using friends to help make decisions about recipes gets even easier.

And easier is something a lot of us could use in our kitchen.

Food, we love you.

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