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Beach Blanket Banquet: Eating At the Beach

Posted on 21st Jul, 2011 by Naomi Major
Beach Blanket Banquet

Ah the beach day. You have your perfect lounge chair, giant towel and your sunscreen SPF 6000, but what about your snack situation? With a minimal amount of time and effort you can bypass the greasy chips and sugary sodas and make sumptuous nibbles that won’t weigh you down, literally or figuratively.

An Essential
A good cooler (along with some ice packs) is essential if you want your beach day to be full-on fabulous!

Water: Easy enough and fundamental to staying cool, but not always satisfying. Zing up with a tart mint lemonade or create your own scrumptious concoction.

TIP: Make the lemonade the day before and put the pitcher in the freezer overnight (along with the water bottles). The next day as the liquid melts it creates its own ice cubes to keep your drinks cold.

Mmm Melon
Simple and delicious: Cut up any ripe melon you have on hand, throw it in a container, squeeze a little fresh lemon juice on top, and tada, ripe, refreshing happiness. For extra fun points, use a melon baller. It takes longer but then you get to say melon balls!

Want a little variety? Try a watermelon and feta salad. This combo is so surprisingly sublime it could actually change your life.

Feeling meaty? The Italians call it prosciutto e melone. Foodily calls it perfection.

Cold Asian Noodles
Cold sesame noodles or peanut noodles are easy to make and pack, and are supposed to be eaten cold. Bonus: No drippy sauce to mar your tan line. Plus you can make them just as easily with gluten-free noodles.

Dainty and Delicious Sandwiches
Sandwiches can be messy, even soggy, but not if you find your inner Brit and make tea sandwiches. Sliced into quarters with the crusts cut off, these little babies are tidy, easy to tote, and won’t weigh you down. (Putting a tiny coat of butter on the bread will help with the soggy factor. The classic cucumber is a personal favorite.

And if you really want the chips? Try making your own!

Whatever you bring, don’t forget your recyclable plastic cutlery, napkins, cups and of course a breezy summer read –I suggest Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann.

What’s your favorite beach treat?

Naomi Major is a writer and baker living in Brooklyn.

Photo from Laura Donald

Food, we love you.

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Comments (2)

  1. 21st Jul 2011
    by ilinap

    The good ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a fave here to keep the kids energized with protein. We also pack a mix of nuts and dried fruit, slices peaches, frozen grapes, wheat pretzels and Laughing Cow cheese wedges, frozen “Gogurt” style Stonyfield Farm yogurt. Definitely agree about getting a good cooler…and don’t skimp on the ice packs!

  2. 21st Jul 2011

    How I’d love to be at the beach right now… this blog inspires the dream. Sadly, it’s raining here in Singapore. Waiting for the waterworks to stop. My Marimekko picnic bag opens into a blanket to sit on, but also has a flat surface doubling as a bag base and cutting board or flat surface… I’d add a flat surface to cutting board to the picnic if light enough to tote.

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