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Eye on the Pie

Posted on 21st Jun, 2011 by Naomi Major
Mmmmmm pie!

There is something extraordinary about a fresh seasonal fruit pie. Although technically it’s a vegetable, rhubarb ripens in spring like a perennial fruit, timed perfectly with its pie-mate, strawberry. And yes it’s true, rhubarb greens are poisonous so chop those babies off and dispose of them immediately. The tastiest rhubarb stalks should be a rosy red, and not too thick. The strawberries can be any size, but there is something irresistible about those small spring berries exploding with flavor.

The Filling: A Matter of Taste

If you don’t have a recipe you already like, scanning the Foodily choices is a good way to get a sense of what you may want to include. One of the best features of the site is the layout: it’s super duper handy for comparing, contrasting and extracting information.

Let’s say you’re a minimalist? Try this pie.

More of a “pack me with different stuff” kinda baker, try this one.

Now this is key to remember: When it comes to filling a pie there are no absolutes, only what you like. You like nutmeg, faboosh! Cinnamon? Fabooshier! Don’t know how much? By comparing recipes on the site you might notice that cooks generally do half the amount of nutmeg to cinnamon. Tada, you’re now forming your own recipe.

Pie making can (and should) be fun. And best of all it’s one of those foods that tastes delicious any time of day or night, especially with a delicious cup of coffee and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. MMM. Ice cream.

Naomi Major is writer and baker. She lives in Brooklyn and loves making pies.

Food, we love you.

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Comments (4)

  1. 21st Jun 2011
    by Tinks

    Yum! love a pie. Can we talk Cobblers???!!!
    Thanks Naomi!

  2. 21st Jun 2011
    by Caroly Larson

    I found this writer, Naomi Major, humorous and informative; a rare combination, I find. Now that’s a recipe for my continued interest in this blog!!

  3. 21st Jun 2011
    by Phillip

    What a great post!

  4. 24th Jun 2011
    by Larry Grimm

    Just reading this made me want a slice.
    And how often are you encouraged in your cooking with the word “faboosh”?

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