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101 Ways to Search Nutrition on Foodily

Posted on 18th May, 2011 by Mariana Abdala
White Bean and Kale Stew by Kim Miller

Knowledge is power, so knowing the nutritional value of every recipe you cook will empower you to eat the best foods. That’s why Foodily has developed Nutrition by Foodily™, one of the strongest online tools to search recipes by nutrition criteria. Whether you’re looking to fulfill a specific dietary requirement, or you just want to compare some healthy choices, Foodily makes it easy to see all the nutritional information for each recipe at a glance.

Searching for Healthy Recipes

Almost every recipe in Foodily’s index has custom-calculated nutritional data. This data allows users to filter their searches by using the check boxes at the top of the search results page. You’ll see boxes for low-fat, low-carb, and high fiber.

Some examples of searches with the boxes checked include

-low fat steak dinner
-low carb breakfast
-high fiber cereal bars

You can also click more than one checkbox and customize your search to reflect more than one dietary requirement. Look for low fat + low carb foods for grilling or low sugar + low-carb fresh bean salads.

More Healthy Search Tips

You don’t need to rely on the check boxes to refine your search for healthy recipes.

Healthy. You may not be on a diet, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel great and eat well. Looking for a healthy chicken dinner? How about some healthy casseroles ? You can even find recipes for healthy-cookies.

Nutritious. Searching for nutritious salads and nutritious snacks are good ways to get your family to eat better.

Low sugar. Sugar has gone from having a reputation of being just plain ol’ sweet to being a toxin for your body, so Diabetics aren’t the only ones watching their sugar intake lately. Search for low sugar waffles, low sugar muffins, or even low sugar desserts.

As we index more recipes, Foodily classifies the ingredients in the recipes and calculates the nutritional information for the entire recipe. If you don’t see nutritional information for a recipe, chances are that the recipe is new in our index and we are in the process of calculating the nutrition.

What else do you want to see Foodily do to make nutritional information more available to you? We want to know!

Mariana Abdala works on semantic search development at Foodily.

Photo by Kim Miller

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    Bring on the gluten-free recipes! Love getting inspiration for my own dishes from these posts!

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