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Eating Healthy Made Easier

Posted on 15th May, 2011 by Andrea Cutright
Nutrition by Foodily

At the Nutrition and Health Conference this week, Dr. Andrew Weil advanced some interesting tidbits — including how a diet low in saturated fat is not as important as it once was, how we should avoid sweetened low-fat dairy products, and how if bread can be formed into a ball it has too much sugar. Let’s face it, nutrition recommendations can change as fast as the weather in Boston, and we all need reliable ways to make eating healthy not feel like a riddle.

Nutrition by Foodily™

Foodily is extremely pleased to introduce a new feature that lets you compare every recipe based on its nutrition information. Now you can view nutrition facts across recipes and search by diet-driven keywords such as “low-fat” and “low-carb.” Browse search results filled with healthy recipes, and check out recipes shared by friends and family with similar diets — whether they are trying lose weight, cook for a specialized diet, or simply stay healthy.

When you check out Nutrition by Foodily, you’ll see that we’ve analyzed recipes by the total weight of all ingredients. We chose the entire weight because serving sizes vary across recipes. We also calculated calories per gram because a few grams is about the size of a bite. This way comparing recipes across sources is like comparing — well, apples to apples.

We know that easily finding and sharing healthy recipes is one piece that had been missing from recipe search. By also making it simple to compare recipes’ nutrition facts, we can serve you with both a better search experience and a richer way to share your favorite healthy recipes.

Let Us Know

We realize — and love — that nutrition means different things to different people, so please send us lots of feedback and let us know how this new feature can be made more useful for you.

Andrea Cutright is the CEO of Foodily.

Food, we love you.

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  1. 3rd Oct 2013

    Bring on the gluten-free recipes! Love getting inspiration for my own dishes from these posts!

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