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Mother’s Day at Foodily

Posted on 7th May, 2011 by Hillary Mickell
Photo by Celine Steen

Mother’s Day

All a part of the tradition of Mother’s day.

Of course we had to flip Mother’s day on its head and ask, what gift of food did your mother leave you with? What aromas permeated the kitchen of your childhood? We asked the team here what magical food memories their mothers bequeathed them and wanted to share them with you.

My Dad raised me but when I think of my grandmother I think of a couple recipes:

Biscuits. My grandmother has a special way of making biscuits that is super simple but takes me back to childhood days, she makes a typical biscuit dough, rolls it out, cuts it and dusts the tops w/ extra flour. Something about the flour on the top makes it better, I’m not sure? Biting into a piping hot powdered top then sinking your teeth into a moist center. Dry vs Moist, kinda like Salt vs Sweet. I love it! (Think I’ll make some for breakfast w/ gravy tomorrow.)

Lasagna. She used to make huge/deep pans of lasagna, enough usually to feed the masses (30+). It was the typical noodle, meat sauce, minimum 7+ cheeses. The best part of the lasagna was the edges, crisp and cheesy. We never had the typical garlic loaf bread, or Texas Toast, she would take hamburger buns (sometimes leftover hot dog buns), coat them w/ butter and garlic salt and toast them. To this day, that is my favorite garlic bread! My husband thinks I am nuts. :)

Spaghetti. My mom is from NY but she’s not italian, although she had a lot of kids and she frequently served spaghetti. It was always with a ‘gravy’ (if you’re from that part of the world you know just what I’m talking about) because it was probably an easy affordable dinner, so we had it a lot. When she visits me now I have her make a huge batch that I can freeze and take out when I’m nostalgic.

(Donatelli’s sauce from Food Network is kind of similar)

Chicken and dumplings. They were so good and since they were my favorite, I always got to be the official taste tester! I got them every year for my birthday.

Sour-cream raisin pie. oh, yes! My uncle Earl was quite a pie-maker, and that was my mother’s favorite of his pies. We’d go visit him and my aunt for a week, he’d make a different pie every day, and he almost always managed to work sour-cream raisin into the pie schedule for my mother. It was decadent.

German cole slaw. It’s a recipe from my mom’s family. My mom makes it a few times a year when all the family gets together.

Pizza. My mom falls to her knees for any pizza. She makes a killer homemade pizza dough, and usually tops her pizza with fresh veggies, olive oil, and lots of garlic and onions. Our favorite past time: packing a picnic basket with a pizza and a bottle of wine, and enjoying it at the beach.

Brisket. Cooked for hours and hours. Lots of carrots and onions. So tender it falls apart on your fork.

Photo by Celine Steen

Food, we love you.

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  1. 8th May 2011
    by Laurie Brown

    Love this blog and you gave me an idea on how to honor my Mother who is no longer with me. Today in memory of her on Mother’s Day I made an authentic Irish stew, Guinness included. Her Irish stew was one of my favorite dishes that she made when I was growing up and one that she enjoyed making for us. Thank you for the idea!

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