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The Secret Life of Asparagus

Posted on 28th Apr, 2011 by Wade Dowdell
Asparagus Pretending to Be a Swan

What could be more Spring-like than spears of asparagus rising to new life? In warm weather asparagus stalks can grow up to 5 inches a day! Even its nickname “sparrowgrass” makes you think of Spring wildlife.

Celebrating Asparagus

This vegetable is more versatile than you may think, finding its way into breads — even quick breads — and drinks. Drinks? Yes, there are even asparagus margaritas at Stockton, California’s Asparagus Festival, held annually in April. If you want a lower alcohol content in your asparagus tipple, the next time you’re in Traverse City, Michigan, have an asparagus beer at the Right Brain Brewery!

The Latest In Asparagus Science

After your asparagus drink you can do a little science experiment: recent research suggests there is a genetic factor that enables some people to smell sulfur in their urine after eating asparagus. Others without this gene can’t detect the odor.

Asparagus on Foodily

Let Foodily help you find inspired ways to use both the white and the green versions of this tasty vegetable in soups, sides, and more.

So what are you going to make with asparagus?

When he’s not plotting his next asparagus-inspired meal, Wade works at Foodily.

Photo courtesy of Tom Young

Food, we love you.

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  1. 3rd May 2011
    by Phillip

    Asparagus Vanilla soup?!!! Now that’s unusual.

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