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Junk Food, Gone Vegan

Posted on 4th Apr, 2011 by Grace Boyle
Oreo Outrageous Brownies by Celine Steen

I was raised vegetarian and my claim to fame (as a food blogger) is that I have never had bacon or a burger!

I know, I know, let me explain.

My parents opted for a healthier way to raise my brother and me, so not only did we not eat meat, but we had our own garden and ate organic and local produce. Subsequently, I have been healthy my entire life and it was only recently that I branched out a bit and began to introduce white meats into my diet (chicken, fish and turkey).

Although I don’t think I could venture into veganism (I love cheese just too much) the crossover between being vegan and vegetarian, isn’t far off.

I constantly strive to share vegan or vegetarian food with my carnivore friends and put that indulgent, “junk food” spin on it.

Consensus? They love the dishes and sometimes they don’t even know it’s vegetarian or vegan.

Here are some junk food classics, done vegan!

Barbeque “Ribs”

Seitan is probably the best mock meat for ribs. Taking a classic dish such as barbequed ribs and making it vegan can seem unnerving at first, but give this seitan BBQ ribs recipe a try.


Chips are easy to make and you can base them off varieties of potatoes. Check out these crunchy white and sweet potato chips or these chile-lime tortilla chips if you’re having a fiesta. Be sure to include guacamole (and a margarita, of course).


Cake is the classic indulgent dessert. Don’t fret, the vegan versions of cake are still rich and albeit a bit dense, their flavor is delicious because you still have control over how much true cocoa goes into the cake. Try this vegan, gluten-free chocolate cake or this vegan orange currant cake.


Baking is often ruled out when you’re new to veganism because of the prevalent amount of dairy. However, just like with the cake, there’s a great group of cookies that still taste delicious and are even better for you. Try these vegan oatmeal cherry chocolate chip cookies or almond butter cookies.


The best popsicles have fresh fruit flavors and still are a great treat. Try these peach-mango popsicles for a hot summer day, they’re vegan!

This shows you can replace your favorite junk food with vegan ingredients. It will likely taste different than you’re used to, but you could be surprised at the unique taste and the health benefits! Try out these recipes and let us know what you think.

Do you have any other vegan “junk food” favorites?

Grace Boyle is a food blogger who adores everything about food and a social media geek living in Boulder, Colorado. She is also very Italian.

Photography by Celine Steen

Food, we love you.

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Comments (5)

  1. 4th Apr 2011
    by Evgeny

    I love this post and will be trying a bunch of the stuff – but I do take issue with:

    “However, just like with the cake, there’s a great group of cookies that still taste delicious and are even better for you.”

    I just don’t think that’s necessarily true! I eat a lot of vegetarian and vegan food – some for health benefits, some because it’s what I like – but I don’t think that there is a valid blanket claim to be made that something is “better for you” because it doesn’t contain dairy (or eggs.)

    Anyhow, nitpicking aside, thanks for the recipe tips! I’m looking forward to trying the chocolate cake and the almond butter cookies in particular. :)

  2. 7th Apr 2011

    What’s the chocolate cake in the picture? It looks different to the cake u link to?

  3. 8th Apr 2011
    by doniree

    One thing I’ve noticed about vegan desserts (cake/pie in particular), and this is after spending a year in Boulder and really being introduced to vegans, vegan food and vegan alternatives, is that they ARE more dense and are sometimes waaaaaaay better than their non-vegan counterparts. Thanks for the resources! I’ve never done any vegan baking, but I’m planning to try it :)

  4. 11th Apr 2011

    Thanks for the comments!

    @Evgeny You’re definitely valid in your claim! As a longtime vegetarian, many people choose veganism or vegetarianism for the health benefits, which is why I spoke to cookies being better for you without many cups of butter and additional dairy. There are definitely exceptions to the rule, but vegan desserts are usually lower in calories and less processed (generally). But you’re right, just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean you’re in the safe zone for always being healthier. Thanks for the insight :)

    @Scattermish The chocolate cakes I linked to were other food bloggers’ recipes. The photo in this post was taken by Celine Steen: http://havecakewilltravel.com/

    @Doniree Let us know how it turns out!

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