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Food-Inspired Bands Cool Enough for #SXSW, But Better with a #Snuggie

Posted on 18th Mar, 2011 by Devon McReynolds
Sage, the rapper + Sage, the herb.

For those of you trapped in, well, anywhere but Austin, and have been subjected to the relentless stream of gloating #SXSW Twitter hashtags, you’ve got to come up with some other way to compensate for what you’re missing. And what better way to do this than by eating yourself into a coma! Just reading some of the scheduled band names can make your mouth water, and given the diversity and vastness of the lineup, there are endless opportunities to combine a love of music with a passion for food –- even if you’ve got to miss out on the former.

Take for example Fullerton, CA-based Burger Records, a label that seems to have a penchant for signing bands with delicious names. There are two garage-y/ surf bands in particular –- Personal and the Pizzas, and Shannon and the Clams –- that if they were to be baked together with a little culinary magic, could make for a savory clam-topped pizza. If you’re one of the lucky souls who will be at SXSW over the weekend, RSVP for the Burger Records daytime house party here and Saturday night party here. Or you could just make one of these southwestern burgers yourself.

Pay homage to Providence-born rapper Sage Francis by whipping up one of these herb-heavy recipes. Two rabbit-themed bands will be playing SXSW: Joshua Tree psych-rockers Gram Rabbit and Los Angeles-based Pepper Rabbit, which you can channel in your own kitchen with these recipes, unless a love for bunnies hits too close to home.

While Austin and SXSW may be known –nay, acclaimed—for its abundance of greasy, portable street food, there are a couple (but only a couple) of ways to get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Catch 17-year-old Inglewood-born rapper Casey Veggies, who carries over his vegetable-honoring aesthetic with his clothing line, cPeas and Carrots. You may not have liked your veggies as much as Casey when you were 17, but even your teenage self would have approved of these recipes.

Finally, 90s rockers Marcy Playground make a comeback of sorts at SXSW. How could anyone forget their (um, one) hit, “Sex and Candy”? If you’re missing out on the show, try cooking up your own sweets that are better than sex.

What are some of your favorite food-centric bands? How do you combine your love of music with a passion for food?

Photo of Sage Francis by Collapse The Light

Food, we love you.

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