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Not Yo’ Momma’s Apple Pie! Pie In a Jar

Posted on 28th Feb, 2011 by Paige Bayer
Apple Pie in a Jar

As someone whose life is overrun with canning jars, I am always looking for ways to make use of said jars. Of course, there are always jellies and jams, curds, and pickles. There are crafts and gifts, and lonely buttons and paper clips that need homes. And then there’s this…jar pies: individual pies baked in canning jars.

I first got the idea from Our Best Bites.

Yum, right?

Gather your apples and get ready to make the world’s cutest apple pie!

Compare and Choose.

Pretty much any pie recipe can be converted to an individual jar pie recipe. Start by comparing various apple pie recipes (don’t you just love apple season?). On Foodily, simply search by “apple pie.” Right away I found several great apple pie options like honey apple pie, concord grape apple pie and Martha Stewart’s apple pie.

Prep Your Pie!

Once you’ve chosen your recipe, you’ll want to ensure your jars are clean. Use wide-mouth half pint jars, the short and squatty type.

If you plan on making a homemade crust, you’ll need to make that first. Or, make life easier with a store-bought crust. Shhhh…we won’t tell!

Prepare your pie filling. If the recipe refers to the apples being cut into slices, you’ll want to instead cut them into a ½ inch dice.

Roll out the dough and use your jar ring as a cookie cutter, cutting out the required number of pie toppers. Set the pie toppers aside. Use the remaining dough to press into your jars as the crust for your pie. No need to grease the jars.

Fill each jar with the pie filling and dot with ½ teaspoon of butter. At this point you’ll want to add your pie topper. Feel free to get creative with your pie topper, as long as you ensure there are vents in the dough. You can make a lattice top, use a cookie cutter, or simply cut vents in the top of the pie with a knife. Because St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, I chose to use a shamrock cookie cutter!

Brush the top of the pie with milk and sprinkle with white sugar.

Bake or Freeze?

Your pie is now ready to freeze or bake! If you decide to freeze your pie for later use, put the canning lid and ring back on the jar and simply pop it into the freezer. Bake the next time you have a craving for homemade apple pie (weekly?).

If you just can’t wait, pop that pie in an oven at 375 degrees for forty-five minutes.

Are you ready to take on the world of jar pies? What kind of pie are you gonna make?

Paige Bayer is a freelance writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. When she’s not canning, she’s make adorable little pies in her canning jars.

Food, we love you.

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Comments (9)

  1. 28th Feb 2011
    by Lolli

    What a cute idea and easy. I will definitely try this one day.

  2. 28th Feb 2011
    by Wade

    I’m going to make a GRAPE jar pie.

  3. 28th Feb 2011

    Just don’t can them and put them on the shelf … use them only for presentation.

  4. 28th Feb 2011
    by Marissa

    My family is not pie crazy like I am. I can make pies just for myself and cut down on the amount of crust. Thanks.

  5. 28th Feb 2011
    by Lorna

    Such a great idea…
    Now I know what I will be doing tomorrow with the 5 lbs of Apples sitting on the counter…!!

  6. 1st Mar 2011
    by Shannon Smith Rubdo

    I have an entire case of these jars; think I will do some baking this weekend! Great idea!

  7. 2nd Mar 2011
    by Lil'Sis

    Wow, these look really good! I think I’d have to find a different container though… these jars remind of the ones my friend Jenny used to capture lightning bugs back in the day… no worries, she let them go after a minute or two! However… did you know that some people actually eat bugs? Could you imagine someone making a bug pie in a jar? Come on now!

  8. 4th Mar 2011

    I love this novel idea of pies in a jar. What a great idea for entertaining, gift giving, bake sales or for during the holidays. Can’t wait to try this. ;)

  9. 30th Apr 2013
    by JeanBean

    I LOVE these little pies in jars. They’re the perfect individual serving size and they look so yummy.

    Question for you all: If I wanted to make these for a bake sale would it better to sell them frozen and unbaked or already baked with the lid off? Anyone made these for a bake sell before? How would you offer them?

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