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The Taste of Love

Posted on 13th Feb, 2011 by Hillary Mickell

Even if Opentable would cooperate at this late stage, it will set you back anywhere from $50 to $200 for a Valentine’s Dinner (not including babysitter).

With dinner at home, your options are limitless, there is no holiday surcharge, and service is included. If you’re in need of some inspiration or a turnkey menu, read on for menus created on Foodily.

Start With The Classics
A Valentine’s Day menu with a Classic Chocolate Souffle or Warm Molton Chocolate Cake.

If you’re going for traditional romance (i.e., you don’t have kids yet), then you might opt for a lovely 4 Course Romantic Dinner or a Lover’s Dinner.

If figs (or Jamie Oliver) are your thing, try For Love and Food.

A Color Theme Might Inspire You
Pretty in Pink including pink crepes, pink beans (?), pink fruit dip or a menu ending with everyone’s favorite Red Velvet Cupcakes might work with your color palette.

Keeping It A Bit More Low Key?
A Simple 2 Course Meal can be lovely. A Valentine’s Dinner can be a Relaxing, Uncomplicated One.

And My Personal Favorite,
A Valentine’s Day Dinner with Kids

Food, we love you.

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