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What’s in your chili? A Foodily Infographic

Posted on 3rd Feb, 2011 by Juan Leguizamon and Mariana Abdala
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The world’s most beloved recipes tend to fall into one of two categories. There are the classic recipes that stand the test of time and never fail to satisfy us — think comfort food, or that standard dish your family used to eat for Sunday dinner. Then, there are those recipes that have a foundation of trusty ingredients but offer an unexpectedly delicious twist. Several examples come to mind: cheesecake recipes can range from clean and creamy to peanut buttery with a coffee-infused crust, while mac and cheese, the all-American hero, will invite anything from quintessential breadcrumbs and cheddar to daring blue cheese and wild morel mushrooms.

Now, if we want to analyze a dish that has taken on more experimenting than a NASA lab, and more Wild West roles than John Wayne, look no further than our friend, chili. Let’s crunch the numbers by looking at search results for chili on Foodily.

There are a total of 7774 recipes for chili on Foodily:

» 6866 contain meat
» 6800 contain onions
» 6457 contain beans
» 5907 contain tomatoes
» 5395 contain beef
» 4122 contain cumin
» 2380 contain chili peppers
» 2333 contain oregano
» 1049 contain chicken
» 1288 contain cloves

That covers most of the standard ingredients that people trust when it comes to building a good chili. But, look at how creative people are willing to get to make their chili stand out from the rest:

603 contain wine
388 contain beer (avoid good-quality German beer. Instead, opt for Corona)
351 contain Worcestershire sauce
172 contain turmeric
168 contain chocolate
135 contain tofu
47 contain venison
41 contain whiskey
7 contain Coca Cola

Phew! That’s 18 variations of chili alone!

Now it’s your turn to deconstruct other recipes with fun variations, like granola, burgers, strata, brownies, or apple pie. How many different recreations can you come up with for your favorite recipes? Foodily is brimming with different ideas on how to keep your recipes from becoming lackluster. Find your variations now!

Super awesome illustration? It’s by Juan Leguizamon

Food, we love you.

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Comments (12)

  1. 4th Feb 2011
    by Pete H

    Wow. None include ginger.

    I guess I am the only one.

  2. 4th Feb 2011

    I like to keep it simple (and easy!). Sometimes, the way Mom made it tastes the best to me. Here is what I like to put in mine:

    • 7th Feb 2011
      by Mariana Abdala

      Thanks for sharing this! Looks delish :-)
      Great site, by the way.

  3. 4th Feb 2011
    by Sarah Z

    @ Pete, no way! I put ginger in EVERYTHING (chili included)

  4. 4th Feb 2011
    by Andrew

    Wow, none of their chili recipes use any type of spicy ingredient as a common ingredient…

  5. 4th Feb 2011
    by Ellen G.

    Interesting: no chiles of any kind? (Or is that just a given which needs no mention?)

    • 7th Feb 2011
      by Mariana Abdala

      Hi Ellen,
      Yes, we have lots of recipes with chillies:
      This is a great addition to our long list of chili varieties. Thanks for the idea!

  6. 4th Feb 2011
    by Night Train

    I’m so impressed that they have over 7K recipes for Chili. I found 6660 recipes for spicy chili! Dang! http://foodily.com/s/spicy-chili

  7. 9th Feb 2011
    by Patty C

    I love chili! I found a quick way to add “heat” and flavor to my recipe by adding Loredana’s Habanero cheese product http://loredanas.com Can’t wait to try it in some of the great recipes on foodily…thanks!

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