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The Most Social Thing We Do

Posted on 1st Feb, 2011 by Andrea Cutright

Laurie Colwin of Gourmet Magazine once wrote, “No one who cooks, cooks alone.”

The reality is, very few of us want to cook alone. We want our friends and family in the kitchen with us to make cooking more enjoyable and memorable. Architects the world over have designed our homes around this idea — putting the kitchen at the center of our lives.

There are many stories about why food is central to good living, but not so many stories about why food is central to our friendships. Friends and family are so great in our kitchens because cooking and eating are some of the most social things we do. Food is how we “dish,” so to speak — about life, about travel, about our lives.

Foodily is the first to bring this social experience to online recipes. It’s the one place where you can see what your friends like in every search. This is the way we really make decisions about what we eat — with the advice and ideas of those in our social network. Foodily even helps you plan meals with friends. Create a Facebook event with a menu, and then let your invitees comment, share, and collaborate.

We are extremely proud to bring this social aspect of cooking to our online lives. Because food — like life — is even better when shared.


Food, we love you.

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Comments (11)

  1. 2nd Feb 2011
    by Donna

    This is so cool! I’m in. I’ve been dreaming of this concept for years. You’ll probably need writers, bloggers, cooks, chefs, eaters, the works. You’re going to be a big hit, and I look forward to contributing. Next step after all is up and running is to do the same with restaurants!

  2. 2nd Feb 2011
    by Raymond

    Great concept! Looking forward to seeing this site develop.

  3. 2nd Feb 2011

    This is so exciting! There truly is nothing more social than “breaking bread”. For those of us who have a passion for fine food and fine wine, there is never such a thing as “too much information” about foods. I’m looking forward to being able to search for virtually any recipe that has ever been written down! Cheers and bon appetit!

  4. 2nd Feb 2011

    Greetings! A nice site with lots of potential. Cooking (and eating) are passions of mine, and as Laurie Colwin points out, I’m not alone! I’ve been a food blogger for going on five years now, and I still love to share and explore. Your site will help me, I’m sure.

    For those of us who avidly maintain “hobby” foodie sites, is there a way to get on a list here? Just wondering.

  5. 3rd Feb 2011
    by Marie

    Finally, someone who understands the social aspect. I am happiest when I am cooking and/or sharing food and wine with people.

  6. 3rd Feb 2011

    What exactly is the search engine indexing? I searched for a few recipes from blogs I know, and none of them were found. So it’s not “every site” yet.

    • 5th Feb 2011
      by Hillary

      You can enter a blog name in the search box to see if it is in our index, or type in blog recipes into the search box. Our goal is to have all sources available, but we’re just starting out, so It’s going to take us a bit of time.


    • 7th Feb 2011
      by Mariana Abdala

      Hi FuzzyChef,
      Our goal is to have all sources available, but that will take some time! It is our hope that one day we will have every recipe from every site in Foodily.
      Your blog looks cool! Let us know if you would like your recipes in Foodily. We can add your blog to our queue for new sources to add to Foodily.
      Thanks for your comment!

  7. 3rd Feb 2011
    by Deborah

    Anyone who begins by quoting Laurie Colwin is definitely on the right track! I wish you much success, and look forward to savoring every aspect of your new endeavor.

  8. 5th Feb 2011

    I would like to do a social thing and share my video recipe for white bean soup that is on YouTube at this link


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