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BYOP (Bring your own plate)

Posted on 15th Sep, 2010 by Hillary Mickell

Green culture has had a ubiquitous influence on the shopping and eating habits of the conscientious consumer. Those consumers may:

  1. Be carbon footprint-aware
  2. Drive a hybrid (or feel guilty they don’t)
  3. Shop at the farmer’s market at least once a month
  4. Belong to a CSA

If you can identify with two or more of the statements above, Outstanding in the Field is something you shouldn’t miss.

Outstanding in the Field is about a few people and an old red bus (think The Partridge Family), driving across the country, in an effort to reconnect people with the land and the origins of their food.

The Outstanding in the Field farm-grown dinner begins with a guided walking tour (yes, before eating there is walking) through the fields from which everything you will eat has sprouted, walked, or grazed. The dinner is a study in contrasts. The price tag is far from cheap, the chef celebrated, the table set with starched white tablecloths. And alas, there you are, being advised to wear hiking shoes, pull out your Wellies perhaps, and bring your own china.

Local motion

On the way, the bus gang introduces their dinner guests to the hardworking farmers, food artisans, local chefs, and ranchers who are all part of the collaborative process. Everything you eat and drink has come from miles if not inches of where you’re sitting.

If you decide to attend a dinner, prepare yourself for a culinary feast, set amidst the fields worked by local growers. It’s about as close to ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ as you’ll get in the States. This unique dinner is essentially about fostering community, sharing a love for food, and enjoying a meal with friends. Follow the bus, and if they’re in your state, share a meal with them!

Tickets for a dinner are still available in Berkeley, CA, Jackson Hole, WY, Waukee, IA, Craftsbury, VT, New York City, NY, Cedar Grove, NC, Marshall, NC, Oxford, MS, Austin, TX, and Winkelman, AZ.

Photos: Outstanding in the Field

Food, we love you.

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Comments (3)

  1. 24th Sep 2010
    by Sara Cummings

    Would love to see crop up in VA. Although for a much lower price, our Eastern Shore CSA owners have an open farm potluck, at which participating subscribers are the chefs. Afterward we head to the fields to pick remaining beans, peppers, eggplant and basil by the bushel. Whatever gets people excited about local food, I’m all for!

  2. 24th Sep 2010
    by Andrea Thompson

    I’m so glad you posted something about this — I’ve been wanting to go to one of these for a few years now — some friends went to one in Marin County (north of San Francisco) a couple years back and raved about the entire experience, from the food to the setting to the other diners. This is such a worthy organization and a great experience for true foodies! Thanks for listing the upcoming locations — I’ll be sure to go to the next one I can!!

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    - Lucas

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